About ENZO Group

At ENZO Group, we are designers and builders of high-quality, site-based, custom homes and commercial spaces in McLean, Arlington, Falls Church and throughout Northern Virginia.

Whether it’s a renovation, an addition or a new structure, a fully realized design should be a perfect harmony of visual style and practical virtue. It’s a great idea, expressed in wood, steel and stone. That’s the way we approach every project. In fact, it’s who we are—a registered and LEED-certified architect partnered with a licensed Class A general contractor. With a foot planted firmly in both worlds, ENZO Group is your experienced partner throughout each step of the design and construction process.

Our Design Philosophy

ENZO Group’s expertise in Construction allows you to work with a single, responsible resource, managing your project from conception through completion. It’s a fully collaborative process—and one that thrives on clear communication. The contractor’s hand helps shape the design, just as the architect’s eye provides vision throughout construction. Together, they translate their clients’ goals into finished living and working space. The result is an outcome that’s as sensitive to our clients’ budgets and time-frames...as it is to their architectural wants and needs. In addition, ENZO Group is LEED-certified and practiced in green construction techniques. We work with our suppliers, engineers, and other professionals, as well as our clients, to make sustainable design and construction a matter of value, as well as of virtue.